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Outbound Sorting

Ensure packages are sorted and delivered on time


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Ecommerce orders—whether packaged and delivered to consumer doorsteps or shipped to a brick and mortar store—require systems that can handle variability. All packages must go through an outbound scanner to be sorted for shipment to different locations. As volume grows, the limitations of traditional laser-based scanners can cause a bottleneck at the outbound sorting stage, resulting in lower throughput and delayed shipments.

Cognex's image-based barcode readers have the speed and accuracy to accommodate ecommerce demands, ensuring that packages are properly sorted and delivered on time.

Cognex barcode readers can:
  • Achieve read rates of 99.9%, regardless of the 1-D and 2-D barcode quality
  • Improve depth-of-field and field-of-view coverage for omnidirectional code reading
  • Monitor read rate performance and collect images to allow operators to diagnose and resolve unread codes

Cognex has the proven technology and logistics industry experience to help your organization improve operational performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Cognex technology solves a wide range of logistics barcode reading challenges. Download the guides below to learn more about Cognex logistics solutions.

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